Tuesday, July 31

Seogwipo Sights (Jeju Photos 5.1)

The first picture in my previous post is probably my favorite from the Jeju trip. So, I decided to play with it a little in Photoshop. Here's what I came up with.

As Rachel pointed out, it has a Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil look to it. Not what I was looking for, but I'm (mostly) happy with the result, nonetheless. If only I could get the blur tool to work a little better...

Seogwipo Sights (Jeju Photos 5)

Jeju's southern city, Seogwipo, was very clean and definitely tourist oriented. Lots of the people we met spoke English, especially many middle age and older residents- in contrast to Mokpo where it's mainly the kids who stop to say "hello" on the street.

Here are some pics from around town. (Click for the big version of each.)

Sunday, July 29

International Flavor (Jeju Photos 4)

The Koreans love English. From t-shirts with ungrammatically-funny phrases on their fronts to consumer products, movies and television, they like to see that good old Roman Alphabet in print. Doesn't matter if the English makes much sense. Doesn't matter if it's out of context, anachronistic, or just plain weird- as long as it's in English.

Here are three different hotels we saw, in Jeju, with a nice international flavor.

And here are some more Jeju pics... in English.

So, none of these is very funny. Try Engrish.com for a look at the good stuff.

Thursday, July 26

More from the Waterfall (Jeju Photos 3)

More pics from beautiful Jeju-do. The first is another AutoStitch composite. The rest are from Jeongbang waterfall.

Click each for the big version.

Tuesday, July 24

Chasing Waterfalls (Jeju Photos 2)

Having finished his year of teaching in Korea, Jon is off to China for a few weeks. Rachel and I wish him good travels and no dysentery...

We had a lot of fun in the city of Seogwipo, on Jeju Island, but we both agreed: the Jeongbang Waterfall was the best part. We sat at the base of the thing for a couple of hours, enjoying the cool breeze and refreshing spray. Here are some pictures from the trip. The last picture is a composite I made using AutoStitch.

Look for more pictures from Jeju... coming soon.

Sunday, July 22

Jeju Photos 1

I love digital cameras: snap as many pics as you want; no film to load; no counting down to the next reload; no waiting for development; in short, instant gratification.

I took nearly 500 pictures during my trip to Jeju Island with my good chin-gu, Jon. In fact, I took too many pictures for one post. So, let's throw a few at a time against the blog-wall and see what sticks.

I'll post them in mostly chronological order, beginning with our departure from Mokpo.

Remember: click a pic to see the large (suitable for wallpaper!) version.

Saturday, July 21

Safe at Home

The trip to Jeju Island was awesome. Jon and I had a great time exploring Seogwipo and visiting the World's Longest Lava Tube (more exciting than it sounds!) I'll have some pictures soon. For now, please enjoy this comic from xkcd.

Saturday, July 14

Mr. Sky Blue

Monsoon season rolls on, but today we have blue skies and smiling Korean faces. Tonight we're going to barbecue some weenies on the roof and drink Kool-Aid. You damn straight- Summertime is calling.

Song of the Day: ELO's "Mr. Blue Sky" covered by Rock Onic and Bob

If the song does not play or reports an error... just click right here to can hear it on their Myspace page.

Friday, July 13

Random Pictures from the Archive

Hey, guess what? It's another stop-gap post! That's right, shoppers!

Monsoon season has me trapped indoors with not a whole lot going on. I could write reams about my video gaming exploits or describe the sleeping patterns of Jack and Bob (we didn't conciously name them after the Kennedys- it just happened), but I won't.

Instead, here are some cool pictures that didn't make it into previous posts.

Look for more *new* pictures at the end of next week when I return from my trip to Jeju-do.

Wednesday, July 11

Mostly Nothing to See Here

Mokpo is in the middle of the rainy season and we are pretty excited when the sun comes out- even if for only a few minutes. Man, the seasonal depression isn't supposed to hit until Winter.

To cheer me up- and maybe help you through your own Summer doldrums- here is a cat video that amuses the hell out of me every time.

Cat In Aquarium - More bloopers are a click away

BTW: The rest of the Seoul pictures were boring, so I decided to renege on my promise to post more of them. Too bad, eh?

Tuesday, July 3

Seoul City!

Last weekend, we went to the capital city of South Korea with Bryan and Angela to celebrate Canada Day. Seoul is pretty dirty, and though we didn't see much of the city, I would admit I don't want to return any time soon. Sure, we had a good time with our friends, but everything we saw was expensive and catered to American military or international tourism.

The best part was the bullet train-ride home, where, in the first picture, you can see we were doing a cool 184mph.

Look for more pictures in the next few days.