Monday, September 29

Another Sunset

The weather has definitely changed. The days have been cool; the nights have been cold. As our friend Jamie says, "Somebody flipped the switch." Here are a couple shots of (yet) another sunset over the hills on Mokpo's western border. Click them for the full size versions.



I promise to soon write more about our recent adventures, Rachel's new job, and life with Jeremy, but that "life with Jeremy" seems to take up all my time.

Sunday, September 14

Light Up the Sky

The family went down to Shinan Beach to hang out with some friends around the bonfire. Everyone had a good time and I would have taken more pictures, but the camera died. I was able to snap a few shots before the batteries gave up the alkaline ghost. (Click each for the large versions.)

My favorite of the bunch, our friend Stephen with some K-graffiti:

Saturday, September 6


We bought a new washing machine. Here's an unnecessary important page from the instruction manual:


Bob, for one, was happy to see that particular warning.

Wednesday, September 3