Wednesday, September 29

Red Rover

Went to China for a job interview at an English radio station in Beijing. The interview went well, I think. I'm hoping to hear from the station soon. Let's enjoy some pictures while we wait.

More pictures are on the way...

Sunday, May 30

In the Club

One of my roles as the host of K-Popular is to create a weekly mash/mix of current and past K-Pop hits. Here is the most recent mix. It should give you an idea of the suffering I experience for two hours a day, seven days a week. Enjoy, if you dare.

In the Club 05-28 by GFNmixer

EDIT: Really digging, host for these tracks, so, here are two more mixes from the past month.

In the Club 05-14 by GFNmixer

In the Club 05-21 by GFNmixer