Thursday, December 31

Snowy New Year

Man, it sucks getting to work in the snow, but, it is worth it for this view from my office.

Happy New Year from South Korea!

Monday, December 14

From the Phone

I finally figured out how to transfer photos from my cell phone to my computer. (I bought a cable.) So, here are a few shots from the past nine months. Enjoy.

Tuesday, November 3

Holy Crap...

...the Blog is Back, Baby!

It's been a busy ten months since my last post. I returned to radio, Jeremy has started talking up a storm, the seasons have come and gone... and, finally, I have decided to resurrect Mokpo, ROK City.

Here are a couple of shots of some of my co-workers: Soo (my co-host), Mike (glasses), Pete (Scottish)...


More posts coming soon. Booyah!

Friday, January 16


Ricardo Montalbán died and Rachel and I are really kind of bummed. He was, after all, our favorite Star Trek villain. Also, one of my all-time favorite commercials featured the beloved "Fantasy Island" star: Cordoba, the Small Chrysler. "Soft, Corinthian leather..."

The original:

The hilarious yet loving tribute: