Monday, August 27

Inconstant Moon

I hope you'll have clear skies for tomorrow's lunar eclipse. There's a viewing guide here, or here. In anticipation of the light show, enjoy a couple pictures from last night's moon-set over Yudal-san (Mt. Yudal.)

The pictures here don't really do justice to what was a beautiful sight: the moon setting behind the mountain's mist-shrouded peak was all very Lord of the Rings and worth every mosquito bite I received while taking the photos.

Tuesday, August 21

Bonus Jeju Picture

Well, Jon made it back safe from his China trip. He stopped in for some video games, this afternoon, and brought his digital camera. Here's a picture he snapped from our first day in Jeju. (I wanted to get a picture of the burning truck, but Jon, the bastard, wouldn't let me stop for camera batteries on the way to Seogwipo.)

(BTW: I know I said no more Jeju pictures, but, come on, it's a truck... on fire!)

Sunday, August 5

Jack Skippy

We finished a jar of peanut butter and, instead of scraping the last bits out, we gave the jar to the dog. He licked and licked the inside of that jar until it almost sparkled. As you can see in the picture, he was in heaven. By the time he was finished he looked like he was coming down off a three day bender: peanut butter DT's are not cool.

Thursday, August 2

End of the Line (Jeju Photos 7)

Here are the last of the Jeju photos, thank you Jebus! We had a lot of fun, but frankly, I'm pretty sick of posting these damn things.

The first few are from the Manjanggul Lava Tubes which formed sometime between 300k and 100k years ago. Just in time for a quick visit on our way to the ferry terminal.

The rest of the pics are from the trip home. I have to say, arriving in Mokpo- after only three days away- really did feel like coming home.

Whew! Glad that's done... now I can play some video games and relax.

Wednesday, August 1

Dime Stores and Bus Stations (Jeju Photos 6)

Our final day on Jeju started early. Our ferry was leaving at 2pm and we wanted to see the World's Longest Lava Tube... Here are some pictures from the bus ride to said tube. Included is a shot of Jon with the ladies at the Jeju Folk Art Complex who were very sweet to a couple of traveling white boys.

BTW: The title of this post is from a very excellent Bob Dylan tune: "Love Minus Zero/No Limit". Hear a live verion from 1992 (at San Jose State University).

Man, is this post multimedia or what??