Monday, April 30

Anniversary Beach Party

Saturday night, Rachel and I gathered with friends to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary in the sand and surf of Yudal Beach: a dirty, pebbly quarter mile of bay-front with a bone-dry water slide at one end and the neon gale of nightclubs, restaurants and Mini-Stops at the other. Here are the pictures!

(As always... click a picture for the large version!)

BTW: After one year of marriage, Rachel and I are very happy together. Wish us many more years as great as the one that has just gone by...

BTW2: During dinner last night (see previous post), the Kim's asked if we would like to stay for another year! Of course, we said YES! Time to start making plans to come visit us. Korea rules!

Sunday, April 29


The pictures from the beach party are still at the lab... so here's a little snack to hold you over.

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One of These Things is Not Like the Others

Here's a picture from last night's beach party. That's Leah with a group of kids that were celebrating a birthday.

There will be more pics from the party as soon as Rachel finishes post-processing.

Saturday, April 28

Jack and Bob 2

Dogs and cats living together? MASS HYSTERIA!

Thursday, April 26

Korean People in the City

(Default volume may be very low: use the little slide-thingy to turn it up.)

Shaky camera and editing by Dave
Music by Air

Jack and Bob

In case you were wondering... Jack and Bob are doing fine.

Click the pic for the full version where you can see the freaky Korean electrical socket under the table.

Thursday, April 12

Kurt Vonnegut

The short story, "Harrison Bergeron", was the first Vonnegut I ever read. I was in 10th grade English class and, as a fast reader, I finished before my classmates. When I reached the end of the story, where Diana Moon Glampers bursts in with the ten-gauge double-barrel shotgun, I burst out laughing. I remember Ms. Meidema looking up sharply from her desk, ready to chastise me for the disruption, then, seeing the sparkle in my eyes, she realized that I had enjoyed the story, that I "got it".

Over the following years, I read The Sirens of Titan, Breakfast of Champions, Cat's Cradle and Slapstick, among many others by this greatest of 20th Century writers. If you have not read Kurt Vonnegut, please go to the library right now and pick up one of his novels or short story collections. You will laugh out loud and you may even cry a little. Yes, he's that good... and better.

(Click the link above or here to read "Harrison Bergeron" from Welcome to the Monkey House.)

Tuesday, April 10


This weekend we went to Gatbawi Park with some friends. A good time was had by all.

Saturday, April 7

Chinese Dust Chokes Korea!

A couple nights ago, Rachel and I heard from some friends about the Chinese dust that blankets the Korean peninsula each Spring. Worse than the pollen that covers South Carolina every March and April, this dust is picked up from Northern Chinese deserts and causes health and agricultural problems for Korea. Joy! So now we have to go out and buy face masks to avoid breathing carcinogens.

From the Korea Herald:

The year's worst dust storm plagued much of Korea yesterday, prompting the authorities to issue health warnings against the sandy, chemical-laden wind from China.

Meteorologists are forecasting that this will be the worst ever yellow dust year in terms of severity and frequency due to an unusually warm winter and lighter snowfalls in the desert-like area of northwestern China and Mongolia.

The dense clouds usually contain fine, dry soil particles and dioxins, which are toxic chemicals that cause cancer.

The sandstorms are said to be a consequence of China's rapid industrialization.

Over the past 30 years, Korea was affected by yellow dust for an average of 3.6 days per year, but in recent years the number of days has been increasing. Last year, there were four yellow dust alerts lasting a total of 11 days.

Meteorologists advised people to refrain from outdoor activities and wear masks when they need to go out. People were also advised to wash their hands and feet more frequently.

Read the full story here:

Photo courtesy of the Korea Herald, 2007.

Friday, April 6

Gotta Love the Japanese

The Japanese are not real popular here in Korea. I guess decades of oppressive occupation will do that to a people.
With all due respect to my Korean hosts, I still love the Japanese. There's simply no wackier group on the planet.

Here's the proof:

BTW: I can't wait to visit!

Monday, April 2

It's Not Delivery... It's Daejon!

Yesterday we traveled to Daejon to visit the Costco. Bryan was our chauffeur, Justine acted as navigator, Rachel and I napped in the back seat. Here are some pictures from the trip.