Thursday, December 28

Climate is What You Expect, Weather is What You Get

A lot of people have asked about the weather here in Mokpo... So here's a bit from the Korea Meteorological Administration:

The Republic of Korea is located in the mid-latitudes of the Northern Hemisphere and the Temperate Zone with four distinct seasons. Geographically, it lies on the east coast of the Eurasian Continent adjacent to the West Pacific.

During the winter, from December to January, it is cold and dry under the dominant influence of the Siberian air mass.

Meanwhile, the summer, from June to August, is hot and humid with frequent heavy rainfalls associated with the East-Asian Monsoon, locally called "Changma".

The weather in korea is mild and serene during spring and fall, with fairly periodic passages of the transient high and low pressure systems.
Oh... and by the way: it is freakin' snowing out there! Rachel is bouncing off the walls and the dog is pretty confused. Good times!

(As always... click the picture for the large version.)

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