Monday, February 5

Superbowl Monday?

It's bright and early Monday morning. While many Americans are glued to the Superbowl on TV and holding a cold beer, I'm holding a cup of coffee and watching an exciting game on the laptop.

Thanks to the guys at Cricket TV for doing an awesome job providing the live stream from England's Sky Sports.

I admit that watching the Big Game on Monday morning is kind of weird, but it's also pretty damn exciting. Billy Joel's rendition of "The Star Spangled Banner" even had me a little choked up. While I am enjoying my time here in Mokpo, it's nice to have that connection to home, to know that I'm an American, doing something that is unique to America. (Sure, other countries are watching the game, but do the Nigerians following along really understand football? Do the Latvians that are tuned in understand that this is the real end of the Holiday season?)

I'm in Korea, watching an American football game being played in Miami, broadcast by a British TV network. God, I love this Internet thing- I sure hope it catches on...


Colts win! Colts win!

I'm not a giant Indianapolis fan, but I've been a Tony Dungy fan since he coached the Bucs. I would have liked to have seen him win the Superbowl back then, with Monte Kiffin as his defensive coordinator, but it never came together on offense. The Bucs went on to win the championship the year after Dungy left, of course, but it should have been his ring. Whatever. He's got his hands on the Lombardi Trophy as I type this and I'm happy for him.

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