Friday, March 23

New Pictures! (And Video)

Rachel and I went for a nice long walk yesterday. The weather has finally turned, here in Mokpo, and it looks like Spring has arrived. As always, Rachel took all the pictures, except the one where you can see her. Click each one for the large version.
Also: check out the video of a recent taxi ride through Mokpo at the bottom of this post.

This bit of video was actually taken with the digital camera, so the quality is not Cinemascope... but it does give a sense of the harrowing fun that is riding in Korean taxis.

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Dave said...

Why aren't you people commenting? I know you're reading the blog! Come on, now! Get with the program and let me know what you think! I'll be more inclined to update when I get some regular feedback.

(Also: When are you coming to visit? You have an open invitation to sleep in one of the spare bedrooms. We'll cook and do laundry for you. All you have to do is hustle up the plane fare! Hurry so I can show off my meager knowledge of the Korean language.)