Monday, April 30

Anniversary Beach Party

Saturday night, Rachel and I gathered with friends to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary in the sand and surf of Yudal Beach: a dirty, pebbly quarter mile of bay-front with a bone-dry water slide at one end and the neon gale of nightclubs, restaurants and Mini-Stops at the other. Here are the pictures!

(As always... click a picture for the large version!)

BTW: After one year of marriage, Rachel and I are very happy together. Wish us many more years as great as the one that has just gone by...

BTW2: During dinner last night (see previous post), the Kim's asked if we would like to stay for another year! Of course, we said YES! Time to start making plans to come visit us. Korea rules!


Anonymous said...

The infamous hobo packs, can't wait to see ya. Caleb

Dave said...

Hobo packs are everywhere. They are an international taste sensation that's sweeping the internation... or something.

In Korea they make them with squid and kimchi. Delicious.