Thursday, May 24

Ten Year Anniversary!

It's been a little over ten years since I was introduced to Wilco and they've been my favorite band almost since the first time I heard them on the radio. Chances are, if you've spent five minutes with me during the past decade, you've heard me mention the band. Their songs have given me a vocabulary to navigate some tough emotional situations, or as lead singer Jeff Tweedy puts it, "Music is the only way we are capable of talking about the most important things."

If you are not already a fan of Wilco, I invite you to check out their new album, Sky Blue Sky. It's pretty damn awesome, and unlike their previous two outings, pretty damn accessible to even a casual listener.

For a couple sample tracks and some older stuff, check out the Dave's Radio section of my blog. It's over there in the sidebar, about halfway down the page.

Ten years of being an overzealous fan- cornering people to tell them how great Wilco are- has been great fun. Expect me to chew your ear off soon.

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Rachel said...

I love Wilco! :)

And you!