Monday, November 5

White Wizard, White Cat

Not much to report from the Land of Morning Calm. This past weekend we had a small beach party and today we got a new washing machine: good times.

Rachel is feeling a constant pressure on her bladder, so she spends most of the day in transit to and from the bathroom. When you stop to think about it, it's really kind of disgusting that there's a little person growing inside of her. The miracle of life is gross. Don't think I'm not excited about the bun in the oven... I'm just squeamish about the baking process. (And the umbilical cord that falls off two weeks after the child is born. Ick.)

Here's a picture of Baby Gandalf. You can't see much, but it's a little early for yearbook photos. (The baby-shaped silhouette is actually just a coincidence. The actual baby, when the picture was taken back in September, was still only a few centimeters across. If you click on the picture, you'll see the large version with the OB/GYN's cursor marking the little guy's location.)

And finally, here's a picture of Bob, the Best Cat Ever, napping in the sock drawer.

BTW: Thanks to Travis and Bella for the use of their scanner!

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Cackalack said...

Screw Gandalf...

I thought of a great name!

Tater Otis St.John

Think about it guys!

Dave said...

Whereas Rachel and I agree that "Otis" is a great name- shared by one of our favorite Soul Singers (Redding) and a damn good cookie (Spunkmeyer)- we don't think it sounds too hot attached to the front of "St. John". As for "Tater"... we'll have to think about that one and get back to you.

Poker still on for Friday night?

Dave said...

BTW: As soon as we have a handful of names that we like (easier typed than done) we'll post a poll on the blog and let you, the faithful reader, help us choose what moniker our son will be saddled with for the rest of his life.

Jamie said...

As far as I know, we're still on for poker.

"Tater" is a cool name.

Rachel said...

Isn't it a little gross that we're showing people what's inside of me?

I feel like Sigourney Weaver sometimes...