Monday, January 14

Goose Egg

Come on, people. In a post, a few days ago, I asked for ideas for baby names... and received ZERO response. Nada. Zilch. Jack squat.

Alright. This baby is not going to name himself. If we don't get some feedback, he's going to be called Gandalf and Rachel's mom is going to kill us.

In other bairn-related news...

This weekend, we visited the clinic for a check-up and found out all is well with mother and child. Another sonogram for the baby book! If any of the Western community here in town has a scanner, we'd love to scan and post some of the in-utero pics of our pride and joy. Or if any of you know of a Korean version of Kinko's, that would be great. Until I get these pics scanned, let me just tell you, we have a 3D shot of the kid and he's a cutie! (In lieu of a baby pic, here's a picture of Mokpo Harbor that Rachel snapped last year.)

Thanks to the few of you who have used the Plugoo chat box over there to the left of this post. I've enjoyed talking to you! It's nice to know this humble little 'blog has a dedicated reader or two.

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