Friday, February 15

Heat Death of the Universe

Korean pop superstars, Big Bang, were in town this afternoon for a handshake session with their Mokpo fans. Rachel sent me down to Skool, camera in hand, to document what we assumed would be madness. The reality was something less than Beatlemania, but greater than the release of, say, the second Harry Potter book. The kids were all behaving well: there were no tears, no screams, no hysteria. Many of the girls carried roses, presumably to give to their favorite member of the five boy boy-band. (Tae Yang may be the cute one, but Seung-ri is the funny one!)

Though the whole scene was kind of silly, I have to admit that one frigid NYC morning waited I for five hours to get INXS tickets.

Oh, and another time I waited for six hours to get Metallica/Guns'n'Roses tickets. (Faith No More opened!)

BTW: Read about the Heat Death of the Universe here- so you know just how very clever this post's title is.

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Rachel said...

I waited 11 hours in the cold for tickets to Bob Dylan and Paul Simon at the Meadowlands.

The one guy from Big Bang has a really small head... did you notice that?