Thursday, October 2

Moonset, Venus, and Traffic

Continuing the recent trend of pictures of celestial objects... Some shots of the moon setting over Yudal-san. You can see the Evening Star, Venus, off to the right. Freaking awesome. Click for the large (extra cool) versions, suitable as desktop wallpaper.

Bonus pic: traffic leaving Second Square, just after the moon set.


nutmeg said...

Dave -

I call bullshit: "No seven year old thinks that way."

You may be right about seven year olds who have not just had their backsides paddled in front of their whole class for making a racial comment. It gets you thinking. This bullshit renders your comment moot. Sorry, you fail at intelligence. And sensitivity. And manners.

Graham said...

DAMN! That first shot is amazing, I love the colors. Otis Taylor.