Tuesday, December 2

Rocks, Big and Little

Been pretty busy, lately, with taking care of the boy and the house and doing some writing. So a progress report is in order for those three items:

1. Jeremy is doing fine. He's close to walking and is already waving goodbye.
2. An unbelievable volume of laundry has built up in the past month. Rachel and I scrounge for something to wear, while the boy has all the drying racks filled with diapers and jumpers and stuff printed with ducks.
3. The writing has been coming along nicely. I am working on a first draft, so I know there will be a ton of editing in my future. Just trying to get it all on the page, first, before I worry too much about the many fixes I'll need to make.

Other goings-on:
Rachel just bought her plane tickets for a February visit to South Carolina. She'll be traveling with Jeremy (while I sleep for two weeks). We're still planning to return to the USA this Summer, but we wanted everyone back home to get a chance to meet the boy before he grew too much.

Meanwhile, here in Mokpo, we were treated, last night, to a beautiful sight in the sky, as Jupiter and Venus shone brightly in close (visual) proximity to the new moon. Here are a couple shots taken from Peace Park. Also included is a picture of Gotbawi Rock, a natural formation the Koreans believe looks like a pair of monks.


Brian said...

I saw those lights in Suncheon on Saturday and I *knew* they had to be planets. We hardly ever see stars, especially with all the light pollution of New Downtown. God I miss astronomy class.

Dave said...

It was cold, on the waterfront, walking around and taking pictures, but worth it to get those shots.

(Thanks for the comment, Brian. I added a link to your very excellent blog in the Links I Like section of my site. Would've done it sooner, but I have been pretty slack lately.)

Graham said...

Dude, those pictures are GORGEOUS.