Thursday, September 20

Oh Lord, She's Stuck in Incheon Again

Rachel is traveling back to the states for a few weeks to recharge the batteries before we begin our second year in Mokpo and the adventure of parenthood. Her trip is not off to a good start, however, as she is stuck in an airport hotel in Incheon. Cursing.

After four hours of sitting inside the plane, on the tarmac, Delta has arranged to put all the passengers on a flight first thing in the morning. It really screws up her connecting flight schedule from Atlanta to Charlotte, NC, but at least she has internet access and a hot-tub in her room.

**Update** Rachel is arriving in Atlanta around 10:30am and connecting to arrive at Charlotte/Douglas at 1:30pm. Wish her luck!

**Update 2** She made it! Rachel is resting safely in her old bedroom at her parents house. I'm sure she'll have a couple days suffering from jetlag, so if you're on her list, just be patient and you'll get to bask in her presence soon enough. (When I say 'bask' I mean it! She's freaking GLOWING- but don't tell her that. "I don't want to glow," she says. "But you're pregnant. You don't have a choice," I say. "No! Do not want!" "Too bad..." Anyways, it goes on like that for a while then one of us leaves the room.)

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