Wednesday, September 5

The Rain, the Park and Other Things

Typhoon Fitow is apparently going to clobber Japan over the next couple of days. Here in Mokpo, we were worried the storm would cross the island and hit the southern tip of the Korean peninsula.If the models hold true, however, all we'll see is a little rain. Here's the latest projection from Weather Underground:

It's already been raining for a few days, though I don't know what that has to do with the typhoon. Maybe it's just that time of year? Fortunately, the temperatures have dropped almost twenty degrees, almost overnight: from the 90's into the 70's. Unfortunately, the rain has prevented us from leaving the house. (BTW: Jamie [North Carolina] totally called this one. We hung out with him and Leah on Thursday of last week. When we complained about the heat he said, "Don't worry, when it changes, it'll be like somebody flipped a switch." And he was right- two days later that switch was flipped and it is blessedly cool, if a little very damp.)

Oh yeah... Rachel's pregnant! We're expecting our first child on March 13, 2008. She's at about three months now and we are both very excited. Wish us luck!


Anonymous said...

Rachels pregnant!! YAY!!!!!!!!
Con-freakin-gratulations !!!!!

Im thrilled for you guys...and I can already hear the Wilco lullabyes at 3 in the morning !!!

Football season is back - and its not at all the same with ya's!!

Drop me a line - keep in touch - let me know what youre doing doin...damn youve really dropped the ball here Dave

(yeah! geo!!!!)

Get some rest Smokey!!!

Dave said...

Thanks George! (Sorry I haven't been up on my emails- that's what the blog is for!)

Rachel will be back in the states at the end of the month. She's already planning a visit to the station to say hi to everybody.

I hope all is well at radio ranch!

Anonymous said...

make sure Rachel gives me a heads-up as to when she'll be here. Ive got this whole "leaving-early-for-the-day" thing down !!!