Friday, January 12

Don't Miss the Comet!

Well, I'm really out of touch over here. Apparently the Northern Hemisphere's night sky has been visited recently by Comet McNaught. It's news to me. I'm going to try to catch it tonight just past sundown. Follow this link for a pretty good viewing guide. Leave a comment if you catch it and let me know how it looks and I'll post my own observations tomorrow. (I'm not getting my hopes up: we have cloudy skies forecast for tonight.)

In other news... Rachel and I are having a couple of friends over for a late dinner and Soju Jello shots. Should be interesting. I'm making a pork medallion dish that has been marinating since yesterday. Mushrooms, broccoli and other goodies will round out the menu.

I really dig living within easy walking distance of the outdoor market. Everything is fresh and, once you get over the rotten fish smell, it is a lot of fun just walking around down there.

BTW: Click here for the song of the day.

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