Saturday, January 13

I Missed the Comet!

Yeah. It was too cloudy last night. I'll try again tonight...
Here's a picture taken by Thorsten Boeckel in Bavaria, Germany.

So I missed the comet, but dinner was a hit. The pork came out delicious and tender and everyone had a good time. The Soju Jello shooters were a big hit. I thought they tasted like death but Rachel said they were good. Our guests, Travis and Bella, brought a bottle of Choya Ume Fruit Liqueur. It was very sweet- almost like cough syrup- but plum flavored and tasty. The bottle actually has some plums left in it. We emptied the whole thing, so I'm going to use the plums to marinate some chicken to take to tonight's dinner at the Canadians'.

We're international.

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