Wednesday, January 17

Hi, Ho, Hi, Ho

In a few minutes I am off to a job interview set up by our friend, Danny. Apparently, one of the teachers at his school pulled a "midnight run"- he bolted in the middle of the night to avoid the unpleasantness of formally breaking his contract. Or something like that.

Anyways. That leaves a few part-time hours to be filled: possibly by me. I don't really want to teach English, but the extra money would be nice. I just worry about my visa status. As the spouse of a teacher, I am here on an F-3 visa and not allowed to work. If the school will help me get my teaching/work visa (an E-2, I think) then I will consider the job.

Wish me luck. (Of course, by the time you read this in the states, I will have been there and back... and made dinner, done laundry, etc. The time thing still messes with my head some.)

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