Friday, June 15

A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall

One of Rachel's students told her it would rain for the next month or so. Hyperbole? That's what I thought, until I did some research. From

The rainy season over Korea, the so-called changma season, continues for a month from late June until late July. A short period of rainfall comes in early September when the monsoon front retreats back from the north. This rain occurs over a period of 30-40 days in June through July at all points of South Korea... and accounts for more than 50% of annual precipitation at most stations... The southern coastal and its adjacent mountain regions have the largest amount of annual precipitation which is over 1,500 mm (60 inches).
So, a little math here: in one month we'll get half of the country's annual rainfall? That's just peachy.

But wait, there's more! According to Nations Encyclopedia,
From one to three mild typhoons normally strike the south in the early fall, with a severe one occurring every two or three years.
Rachel's reaction, minus the flash-flood of profanity, "I guess I'm not getting a bike until October."

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