Sunday, June 3

Raffle at Peace Park and Drama in Hadang

It was a cloudy evening, but we decided to walk along the water at Peace Park anyway. Good thing, too, or we might have missed the big raffle. Here's some video:

A little later we walked down to Hadang for pizza and, while we were eating, were treated to a Korean version of Jerry Springer. A pair of shame-faced teen girls were standing in front of a clothing store next to the pizza parlor. Several adults surrounded them, talking into cell phones and looking nervous, angry or amused. Then, out of the blue, one of the adults- a woman in her 40's- produced a baseball bat and stepped menacingly toward the teens. The other adults wrestled the bat from her, while I watched and Rachel cursed her opposite-facing seat. There then ensued a long stand-off where the teens were crying, the adults looked unhappy and we continued eating. Finally, the Springer-scene broke up just as we finished the pizza, but we still had no clue what the hell it was all about.

***Bonus Footage: Here are some kids playing in the fountain in Hadang.***

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