Saturday, June 16

La Musica!

For all my Italian-speaking friends...

Here's an oddity from Air. They're French, but don't hold that against them. On this set, they team up with Alessandro Baricco, Italian poet/writer, to tell some stories in the gunslinger vein. Says Vik Bansal, from MusicOHM,

City is a best-selling Italian book by Alessandro Baricco, "Italy's most famous contemporary writer", and City Reading, as the name implies, consists of the author reading passages from the book with original music by Air in the background.
The review is not the most complimentary, but I think the reviewer misses the point. These are songs for a drowsy Sunday afternoon, suitable as background while playing Scrabble. The music is sublimely mellow- hey, it's Air, after all- and the vocals are suitably subdued to match the drones, bleeps and fuzzy guitars. Anyways, I'll let you judge for yourself.

Here's the Box. Just hit the play button on the first track and they'll all play in order. Better yet, download the files and they'll play in Winamp (or whatever you use for Mp3's) without the annoying pauses between songs.

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Camillionaire said...

Good GOD!! You are lucky you can't understand Italian... "Young" absolutely horrified me. The song right before it is about Young having sex with a whore and being kind of an asshole, then the song "Young" is about him using a pistol to fuck this poor frightened whole who is pleading with him and crying. UGH!!! My eyes about popped out of my head!! I have to stop listening to it now, but I will start up again later after the initial shock wears off. I like the concept, I like the music, etc. so I'm not put off or anything, but... Jesus! Alessandro Baricco is biente!!!